– ENG – Black Thunders is a Rock band, Pure and Hard Rock ’n‘ Roll without bullshit!!! With clear influences of Hard Rock, catchy riffs and strong bases. Its powerful and stylish live has opened a gap in the local scene. This group of foreigners born in Barcelona in mid-2009 when Mr. Crow (Bass) and Mr. Tiger (Voice & Guitar) decided to give life to a couple of tracks. In early 2010 they recorded the „Black Demo No. 01“ which includes 6 songs, and immediately started to play in the Barcelona circuit, stepping clubs like Razzmatazz, Estraperlo, the City Hall, or local as RockSound Monasterio, Moog, Nevermind, etc… in 2011 participate in the first national tribute bands to Turbonegro: Ass Tribute „A Spanish Death Tribute To Turbonegro“ with „Destination Hell“ cover. In mid-2012 with Mr. Dog (Guitar) and Mr Octopus (drums) get a stronger sound and recorded their first EP with 4 songs: „Angels of the Devil“, recorded and mixed at La Atlàntida Estudios of Barcelona and mastered in On Air studios of New York. In 2013 begin to make kilometers on the road and the specialized media start to talk about (Popular 1 Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Dirty Rock, BCN Or Die, Rock in Spain, Insonoro, El Behringer del Capi, Sounds of Like New, etc…). In November 2013 they are included in the compilation CD „Shoot to Thrill“ New Bands edited by Classic Rock Magazine in London „18 Hot New Bands Headed for Rock’N’Roll Damnation“ with a special 40th Anniversary AC/DC. Between 2014 and 2015 has a long list of concerts, demos recordings and… musicians… Right now, are currently editing his first Album, single and Video will soon come to light. In 2016 they are included in the Spanish Tribute To Motörhead „49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch“ with the cover „Born To Raise Hell“ and simultaneously released their album „Serpents Of The Lord“ under the German label „Rock Zone Records „. They also publish the video of the song „Black Thunders“ and released back to the road …


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